Always learning. 

Change and innovation are words heard throughout the Jewish education world in almost every setting. It’s hard work and you certainly do not have to to it alone.

JTeachNOW Workshops, Webinars, and Strategic Planning provide support for education directors and leaders of Jewish organizations who are on a quest to redefine Jewish education in their setting.

Always striving.

As Education Directors, we never stop trying to make our educational programs all that they can be. And sometimes the best way to improve what we are doing is to get help from someone outside our organization, who has our interests at heart and who can provide a new and different perspective.

JTeachNOW Mentoring provides guidance for Directors as they navigate their own journey of change and the never ending responsibilities of their work.  

Always teaching.

It is true that many organizations have supported professional development that encourages educators to think differently about Jewish education. And many new models of education have been developed and have been successful.

But regardless of the model and setting, who are the dynamic, knowledgable educators that will teach in these models?

JTeachNOW Fellowship program recruits, trains, develops and places recent college graduates in full-time positions in Jewish educational settings.

Using an apprenticeship model, JTeachNOW will train, mentor, and place recent college graduates in full time positions in Jewish educational settings.  Reaching across various part time and immersive educational programs, this cadre of Jewish educators and future leaders, who are passionate about Judaism and also want to make a difference in this world, will serve as role models for learners and families, while also being the catalyst for change and experimentation in their settings.