change jewish education

Our Mission

We believe that all Jewish children deserve an excellent Jewish education that helps them thrive in the world today. JTeachNOW educators will provide opportunities for learners to discover a Judaism that is relevant and meaningful that is not confined to one Jewish learning institution or program. Reaching across Jewish settings and experiences, JTeachNOW educators will create connections for learners both in their Jewish and secular lives leading to a Judaism that is embraced and lived, while also unlocking their learners’ full human potential.

JTeachNOW Mentoring Program

As Education Directors, we never stop trying to make our educational programs all that they can be. And sometimes the best way to improve what we are doing is to get help from someone outside our organization, who has our interests at heart and who can provide a new and different perspective.

Please fill in your contact information below. After an initial consultation to evaluate your needs and your organization, we will send you the fees and payment information.

    JTeachNOW Fellowship

    By partnering with synagogue schools, camps, JCC’s, Hillels, and new educational models, JTeachNOW fellows will help to reimagine and create an inspiring and engaging learning environment for their learners to thrive as both Jews and human beings in the 21st century.

    This is a two year program in which fellows will learn together throughout the year and work as full time educators in congregational schools, as well as in other models of Jewish education. Learning will include pedagogy and Jewish content knowledge with a focus on innovation in the world of education today. Additionally, fellows will work in camps and other immersive Jewish learning environments during the summer to further develop their learning and understanding of experiential education and the power of these kinds of settings. At least two fellows will be assigned to the same setting and each will be paired with a mentor. Principals, directors, and clergy will also participate in learning with their fellows periodically throughout the two years with the goal of creating a supporting partnership as they work together to bring new ideas and innovation into their setting.

    Please see our flyer for more details.