Professional Development Training

On Sunday, August 18, Noar Sunday & Hebrew teachers met for their first professional development training to get ready for the new school year! Nancy Parkes from JTeachNow joined us all the way from New York to educate us on social-emotional learning. She modeled how to teach empathy, perspective taking, and self-advocacy—skills that can be taught explicitly. We now have the tools to implement a foundation of building mensches at Noar! – Temple Sinai Atlanta

Using SEL, the teacher and learners co-create the learning that happens. The teacher becomes the “guide on the side, not the sage on the stage.”

Listening is a skill we should not assume that our learners have – we need to teach them what listening looks, sounds, and feels like.

And we do that by explicitly teaching and modeling those skills.

Empathy can be taught! There are activities and tools that can teach our learners how to take the perspective of others to help foster the growth of empathy.

There are certain social emotional skills we need when we learn in groups. Among them are cooperation, listening, communication, and self reflection.

At Noar in Atlanta, they understand that learning is affected by the design of the space. Flexible seating allows learning to take place anywhere and honors the different ways our students learn.